Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014 - Bangalore

Well a much better week this week.  I was so heart-broken about Vincent David and Kishore. A mission is super hard, especially a mission in India. By far the hardest thing i have ever done.  But i keep thinking that after doing this, other things will probably seem a lot easier. I am taking it one day at a time.  But I am actually doing really well this week.

So on Monday, we went to a family named Pidugu and we had family home evening there.  Because they have been struggling lately financially and have money for food, we made pasta and because they wanted veg things and we had no idea what else to bring, we brought Dominoes lol.  But we had so much fun at FHE playing games and eating and then having a lesson that i was able to give about the foundation of the church being on prophets and Christ as the chief cornerstone and how we get to listen to the prophet and church leaders talk about Christ this weekend.  It was such a great night.  On Tuesday after district meeting, for lunch, we went to Pizza Hut and had unlimited pizza and that was really good.  I ate so much though.  We were able to teach Cedrick's friend Christian again this week too and we taught him about 3 Nephi 11 and he understood really well and is making some good progress.

This week we also began teaching Tresor English. It is so hard to teach English haha.  It was funny too because we were going so basic that we were drawing pictures on the board and labeling them and asking him what they were and how to say them.  It was kind of funny and fun but very difficult.  He is already getting better though, so i think our classes are helping him.  We taught Yona this week but he seems to be slowing his progress but his interest is increasing a little bit more again.  So something funny also is this lady named Chantee texted us the other morning and told she wants us to come see her because she has been having bad dreams lately....and that someone did "Black Magic" on her so she was feeling sick and was scared.  So we went over to house and talked to her a little bit and then i gave her a blessing and while i was giving it, her head was shaking.  It was kind of a weird experience.  

We gave Simmy and Ferdinand a French Book of Mormon this week also and they were very excited to receive one so that they could understand better.  This week was a week of giving blessings i guess because on Saturday before conference, we went and Bunga gave one of Brother George's relatives who is having a baby soon a blessing and also last night, i gave a blessing to our Branch Mission Leader who has been really sick lately.  

So about conference.  On Saturday, we watched conference for 6 straight hours from 2-8.  Long, but it was very good.  Boyd K. Packer's talk awesome as were both of Uchtdorf's talks and Elder Robbins' talk.  So dad! How did you not see Josh Eastman?! He appeared 4 times in the choir man! I saw him in the front row.  I saw him in the first song, then in the medley they did, then in congregational song, and then the last song....I also saw twice Brandon Navarro! The kid from Vallivue that i played ball against.  Sunday we also watched conference and i really liked Hales' talk, Hamula's talk, Eyring's and also Scott's.  Chris, from Tanzania, Vincent David and Amuda, and also Cedrick's friend Stephen came to conference on sunday so that was really good.  

So basically that was my week this week.  I love the pictures of Tyler and Dad on the four wheeler! Answers to Qs: Funniest thing this week was probably either Sister Chantee's encounter with "Black Magic" or after we ate Pizza Hut, Elder Bunga and I were leaving to go to an appointment and so we were kind of going down the stairs real fast and Bunga was in front of me.  So doors in India are random.  You never know which way will be pull and which will be push.  So Bunga ran down the stairs and continues running forward thinking the door was push, so he runs right into the door and smacks into it and bounces back.  It was pretty funny.  The best thing i ate was probably the Pizza Hut.  Or the Chicken Biriyani i ate last night.  Or the cream buns which are a snack i am obsessed with now.  So i haven't had a ton of interactions with the kids but they all think my name is funny so all come up to me and say my name and then laugh and repeat my name a bunch haha.  The kids are so cute.  

Dad: KD is out?!?!?!? Crap.  Well until he comes back, the Thunder are really going to struggle.  Yeah without Hill i guess BYU will have a rough time.  Is their backup really bad or something? Sounds the Giants aren't doing too bad.  Mountain View doing well also eh? Very good.  Keep the updates comin;) they are awesome so thanks pa!

Scriptures of the week (there were three that i couldn't choose between): 2 Nephi 2:6-9, 2 Nephi 31:18-20, Jacob 4:7.  Oh and PS, i have lost about 10 pounds in India.  I was 183 when i left the MTC, and now i am somewhere between 170 and 174 haha.  Anyways, good week this week and hopefully another one to come this upcoming week for you all and i both!
Love you all!
Elder Ball

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