Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 - Bangalore

Hello everyone!
This week was a very good week for us.  We had a lot of teaching opportunities this week and had a good time.  We didn't have power for three days this week because i guess the financial office elder didn't pay the bill so we were roughing it for a few days;) 

This week we went to a member's house.  His name is Brother Suresh Chinnapa.  He has a sister whose husband is a non-member and while we were meeting with Suresh and his sisters, we learned that that husband wants to take lessons from us after he finishes his big project with his job and then wants to take, finish the lessons and get baptized in our church in December or January! So that was really cool for us and we didn't even do anything.  His family was just a great example to him so we are grateful for that.  

This week was also found out that a couple that some Elders in our zone are teaching are actually in our area and they have committed them to baptism, so we just have to continue/finish teaching them and set a date and then baptize! So that is really great also! It was nice to get a couple gifts from God after we have been working so hard but haven't had success in terms of baptism.  That is the thing with us though.  Our companionship keeps reminding ourselves not to get discouraged about not having baptisms because we are doing our part by inviting others to come unto christ and just introducing them to christ.  Plus others have their agency and as long as we work hard, we can be satisfied with the results.  

This week was Diwali festival in India.  It is a Hindu holiday and they celebrate it pretty much the way we celebrate the 4th of July.  They set of lots of fireworks and fire crackers but they do it for three+ days and they do it all night and it is so loud.  So because of this festival, we had to be in by 6 on wednesday and thursday.  

Our African investigators haven't been able to read the book of mormon much this week because they were all having exams so they didn't make much progress but they are still very much interested.  Except for Yona, sadly he has been bunking our appointments and making up excuses not to see us so we might leave him alone for a little while.  So that was a little disappointing.  As far as Vincent David goes, we aren't allowed to visit him for one month so we will probably visit him in his rehab after that time period, but we are still teaching his wife and daughter, and we may be able to baptize his wife in a couple weeks if she is still willing.  His daughter just had a baby boy this week so we are really looking forward to seeing this new born baby! 

This week a member named Sister Shoba took us out to eat at a really nice place called Barbecue Nation, and it is an all you can eat place so we ate so much! It was really fun and she is the one in the pictures at the restaurant that i uploaded.  The other Elders were with us and the other guy is Shoba's nephew who is one of our investigators named Daniel.  

On Sunday we had a really good day.  We only had one investigator at church though which sucked.  But we went to Cedrick's house and taught him and Stephen.  They are the Africans in the pictures.  Cedrick is the one right next to me.  We taught them about the Straight and Narrow path being through Jesus Christ and read some of Matthew 7.  It went really well and those guys are so awesome.  Sister Reshmi is still reading the Book of Mormon everyday which is so great!!!! 

So after our really good PEC meeting last week, and after Elder Bunga and I told them the members aren't reading the Book of Mormon and how that is a problem, the presidency agreed and is going to buy every family a big book of mormon and challenge everyone to read it by December 31! It is such a great plan and i think it will really increase the branch's faith and especially help us missionaries out.  

Please tell all of our family members how much i appreciate them and their prayers.  And give Tyler lots of hugs and kisses from me okay?  That is cool for Mrs. Kearns' husband! He is a really cool guy.  Yeah you better watch some BSU games!  I'm glad Asher and Josh and doing good! Speaking of my friends, please tell Beth to have Aaron email me sometime.  I want to know how he is doing.  I worry about him.  So the people like music, but to be quite honest, they are bad at singing and keeping tempo.  It is so hard to play the piano for them in sacrament haha. It is kind of funny.  

Dad i hope your trip was/is good and that you are safe.  It disappointed me to see such a weak email from you though;) haha and you better step up your game as far as SC updates go because all i got this week was that BYU got whooped haha.  jk i understand.  Yeah it has been three months! crazy! It is weird though because it seems like it has gone fast but also it seems like i still have so long... haha. 

Well this might be my last full week with Elder Bunga because transfer calls are happening this week and possibly today.  So we will see what happens. Anyways so last week i forgot the scripture so sorry! i will give multiple this week: Omni 1:26, Mosiah 3:17, Alma 5:14-16,19,27-28; Alma 7:11-12  Sorry about that!

Well great week for me! Hope you guys have a great week this week as well. I love you guys so much and appreciate all of your love, support and prayers. Until next week!

Elder Ball

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