Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 - Bangalore

Hi Family,
Well another week come and gone.  On Tuesday we helped a branch member move their home all day, so that day went by super fast and we got a ton of stuff done helping them move.  So this week Vincent David took a major step backwards....He drank and smoked marijuana again...It was so upsetting.  Easily the most upsetting thing during my mission yet.  It killed us.  So then throughout the rest of the week he took marijuana a few times but he did come to church.  So right now, it doesn't look like any baptisms will happen on the 11th because Vincent David isn't ready, sister Amuda hasn't been to church enough times yet, and Kishore's uncle talked to Kishore this week and is interfering with Kishore's meeting us and so he sent him to Hyderabad....Very disappointing as far as that goes.
We made some good progress with John and Simmy and their brother Ferdinand as well so that was really good.  And we met with Chris yesterday and he is still very interested. This week we also met a member that just moved here from Congo named Tresor (He is the one in the pictures i uploaded with the white shirt).  He is a super cool guy but he doesn't speak or understand english very well at all.  But he is always available to go with us to appointments especially to Kothanur where he can talk to them in French.  He is awesome and likes basketball.  The picture with the other African guy and me and Bunga is Yona.  So we are still working really hard and we had pretty good numbers this week as a companionship.  Still trying to improve though every week.

I hope Tyler is doing great.  I loved seeing that picture of him on the couch with his adorable smile.  I'm glad conference was good! It always is though.  I'm excited for it.  I bet it was weird for Dad to not go with me to Priesthood session... It was good to see pics of my missionary friends too! 
Dang, BYU was doing so good! Taysom Hill must have been super valuable if they lost after he broke his leg...

Well the Scripture of the week is 1 Nephi 15: 24-25. Well I miss you all! I pray for you every morning and night.  Hopefully a good week ahead for both you and I!
With Love, 
Elder Ball

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