Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 - Bangalore

Well, a pretty decent week.  It was kind of a weird week because everyone in the apartment except for me got sick this week so our numbers were down this week but overall, it was still a pretty decent week.  

Tresor is really improving in his English so that is great because then we can take him more on some exchanges with us.  On Tuesday, we taught Christian and Stephen and it went really well.  If we could just get Christian to church, we could easily get him to accept baptism.  Stephen is a little harder to teach, but he is still a nice guy and we are still working on him.  

So a disappointing thing this week was Vincent David....So we didn't visit him for about four days and so on Friday we went to his house to visit him and found out that all four days he drank and smoked....It was so devastating and then he said the reason he did those things was because we didn't visit him.  So basically we found out that the only reason he doesn't do those things sometimes is for us.  So he isn't trying to change for himself.  So that was kind of upsetting...And then to top it off, on Saturday night, we called his daughter to see how he is doing and found out that his family admitted him in rehab for 5 that was a bummer.  But we will still visit his wife and daughter and occaisionally him in rehab.  

On Saturday we got a training from President Berrett...he was telling us that we have 192 more baptisms to go in Bangalore to make it a stake so that we need to work really hard and as obediently as possible to achieve that.  We also had a missionary/member fireside on saturday where we helped some members get excited about sharing the gospel and helping us missionaries.  We helped them learn how to introduce the gospel in simple, non-threatening ways.  It was a pretty good activity.  We did role plays with them just like we do as missionaries haha.  

On Sunday Brother Pidugu, who is a non-member came to church.  It was great and he said if we don't pressure him, he will take baptism when he is ready so that was great.  We also had a great lesson with him and his family that night.  Also a really good PEC meeting where Elder Bunga and I found that our hard work is paying off because the members and especially the aux leaders and branch president is on our side and willing to help and live with our results.  That was really comforting.  
So not much to tell this week sorry!

So are easily the best mom in the whole world and nobody can tell me otherwise...the package was way beyond anything i expected.  I cannot thank you enough! I have already broken into the candy and i gave Elder Bunga his bottle and bag.  He loves them.  I love the stress relievers and the pictures and book markers and the talks, oh and the socks with a picture of a crippled guy on them;) haha (KD) just kidding, the socks are so sick!  Thank you so much Mom!!! You are the best.  I definitely am blessed with parents far beyond that i deserve.  You both are so amazing.  So yes please try the biriyani.  It probably won't be as good there as in India but still good;) Sounds like Kiehl is awesome just as i expected...

Answers: Weather the last few weeks has been super hot in the day times and then pouring rain at night.  You guys have no clue what rain is until you come to india and find sheets of rain and floods every night haha.  It is crazy.  You take one step outside and immediately are drenched.  The most spiritual thing this week was probably just reading the book of mormon like always.  I read so many good things.  Since my call i have already read it twice and i am on pace to finish it again before the end of november.  it is sooooo dang good and the most important thing to read.  Most gross was probably seeing a bunch of guys who dress up in sarees (what girls wear) and they act like girls and are gay.  They are so weird and when they see a white guy, they all try to talk to me and flirt and stuff and it is so weird and freaks me out hahaha. The most fun was probably just being with Elder Bunga.

Dad: I hope you are safe this week in Cali. I'll be praying for you just like i always do.  And yeah we have 12 week training haha.  Play some ball with Kody and Carl, haha that would be them how to ball! I will ask about that book.  Great sports center update! BSU may be improving huh? Giants going downhill again? Who is really good in the NFL??? Go Mountain View! The experimental NBA thing is weird, but may work actually.  The ROYALS????? What the heck? who made the playoffs this year in the MLB? If D-rose is healthy, it will probably be the bulls and cavs in the east...and hopefully Westbrook can keep OKC afloat until mah boi returns.  I love you too dad. You are the best dad i can ask for.  And hopefully one day i can become as great of a dad and as faithful as you are.

Well love you and miss you all! Hope you have a great week! 
Elder Ball

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