Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016 - Bangalore, Whitefield

Well another week bites the dust....and another.....BUNK FEST. Hahaha. our area is really struggling right now.  We are working so hard and really doing our best and planning well and doing what we are supposed to, but for some reason things just aren't going our way.  It has been really frustrating and to be quite honest a bit discouraging.  But we are pressing forward. 

We had a couple positives this week though.  We got 7 investigators to come to all three hours of church, and Babitha came for the first hour so that is a step in the right direction for her.  Also Teja came and is doing really well.  He loves meeting with us and feels the spirit with us and at church.  Also the Prathapan family is doing okay.  Coming to church and slowly learning, but still trying to get brother to read.  Also Rishmi came as well but has some family problems still so not sure what will happen with her.

So it is really heating up here in India.  Getting really hot.  But our work, not so much haha.  But we believe as we keep doing our best, God will eventually bless us with some good fruit. 

So this week we are traveling to Vizak to see how they are doing as they seem to be really having good work, so are going to see how they are doing it.  Also next month, from the 9th to 18th, Elder Basil and i get to go to Goa!!! There is a branch there that is part of our mission but no missionaries are there,  They are having an open house for their new building there, so we are going to do some proselyting there for about a week to get less actives and new people to the open house.  Goa is like a vacation place for foreigners and is really nice i heard, so we are super excited.  

Also, later tonight, there is a World Cup cricket match in Bangalore...and we are going.  We are so pumped.  It will be super fun and we will be sitting pretty darn close.  So if you wanted to add a little bit of cash to my account for this game and for Goa, I wouldn't be too disappointed;)

But other than that, not a ton going on.  We are getting seven missionaries back from the Pines so that is good for the mission.  

As far as your questions dad, pondering has really helped me.  It really brings a channel of revelation.  As it says in D&C 9 we have to ponder and study it out in our mind AND THEN ask to get an answer.  I always thought that if we just asked, he would give it.  But we need to do our part and study it out and decide what we think is best.  And then ask God if it is right and if our decision matches with his, and he will tell us.  Pretty cool.  

And mom as for the atonement.  I always love to share Alma 7:11-13 but im sure people have already shared about that.  It is one of the best scriptures to share about the atonement.  
Love you guys a ton!
Elder Ball

Elder Ball & Elder Basil
 Kumar Family
Elder Ball & Elder Coleman with Manoj
Assume the railroad track is their form of sidewalk

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