Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015 - Rajahmundry

Hey fam!!! Sounds like you guys had a great week and were very busy filled with fun and work and much else!!!!!!!!!  Loving the picture of my most adorable little bro.  Or i guess he is getting so big and old now so that he is handsome i guess.  And now probably the girls are liking him because he is getting that manly swag-stache!!! hahaha.  I wish i could see that in person haha.  

So first things first to ease the mind of my mother is the skyping.  So let's plan on your sunday morning skyping okay?? At around like 7 or 7:30 your time.  I will come back and tell you for sure later this week after getting permission and confirmation from the ZLs.  Excited to see you all!!:)

Elder Thompson and I had a dang good week this week!!! We worked really hard and have been trying to be even more obedient and receive some more blessings especially to get new english speaking investigators and people to teach.  We found many english speakers this week! We were greatly blessed by the Lord and had many people to teach this week.  We also went out with the branch president to build our relationship with him, and he showed us some less active homes so now we also have more less actives to teach and had great success with those less actives coming to church this week!  We met one new investigator named Subrahmanyam and we taught him the Restoration and we committed him to be baptized.  He is a 16 year old young man with great faith and is an awesome kid.  We also made great progress with our investigator named Alamanda Ganesh Kumar.  He understands very little english but we attempt to teach him anyways.  After the second lesson we taught this week he told us that he doesn't know english and understands very little, but that every time we come to teach him he understands perfectly all of the english we are speaking.  It was awesome. 

Speaking of english, mine has gotten so crappy haha. Especially because in our area english is very less so basically i have to dumb down everything and cut out like half of the words and stuff and you would probably laugh a little bit hearing me teach in english haha.  Me and my companion are doing awesome and are really enjoying and working hard and finding many blessings from heavenly father.  

Answers:  We have many Telugu Book of Mormons but i am not attempting to learn how to read it because it isn't useful for me and also is way too time consuming.  But i can almost understand full telugu now.  I am doing much better with my understanding.  I can't really speak it well, but my understanding is getting really good.  Best thing this week was the great progress we made in our area.  Worst thing was probably coming to church and finding out last minute that there was no sacrament meeting and instead it was a multi-stake asia conference.  The bad part was that no one ever told us, so our investigators and less actives that came had no clue what it was haha.  May is the hottest month of the year in Rajahmundry, so pray that i don't pass out in the heat! haha.  

Dad:  There isn't much green around here. haha i mean there is some, but it is so hot that not many plants are here.  So on july 10, pres berrett is removing all rajahmundry missionaries and putting them elsewhere for two weeks for safety purposes.  He will probably just send me to hyderabad or bangalore for four days because i leave for the 'ppines on the 14th.  Dang that's a great SC Update!!! Spurs gone? Good.  My bet is Golden State vs. Houston in west, and Washington vs. Chicago in East.  Then Washington-Golden State in Finals.  Brooks out?? Good he sucks to be frank haha.  Donavan is from Florida.  Good coach.  BSU players going hard in the NFL! Good.  that boxing fight was probably a dang good fight...

Well another great week for me! And hopefully another great one for all of us this week!!! I have now been out over 9 months which is weird, so crazy.  Anyways love you all so much!
Love, Elder Ball

PS: Tell Susan late happy b-day, tell payton happy b-day and tell seth happy b-day and also Kasen this week from me!:)

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