Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 - Rajahmundry

Hey family! Another week come and gone! So crazy !!! time is flying by so fast.  So mom i didn't get an email from you this week.  I don't know if that was on purpose or not but i did not get one..  And i didn't get the package yet .  I will probably get it the first week of june when the zone leaders bring it from bangalore.  

So this week was pretty good.  I spent three days in Hyderabad for my new passport and everything went smoothly, so i should be good to go in less than 2 months!!!  Should be a good time.  So we still had a great week this week despite me being gone for half of it.  Hyderabad was pretty fun.  I spent some time with elder Gimmett and Elder Porter and Elder Semadeni there as they were all also getting the passports.  We had a good time together and went out to a really nice lunch.  

We taught Abiram again this week and were really bold with him.  So this week we will see if he progresses a little more and decides to get baptized.  As far as Ganesh goes he is just procrastinating the day of his repentance, so that is a little bit frustrating and we are trying to get him to realize the importance of doing it now.  But his family is inactive and we got them to come to church this week and we had a lot of success with rc/las this week.  It was pretty awesome.  We also got a part member new investigator boy named Sidhu who is nine years old, so we will see how he does with progressing.  Still trying to help Subrahmanyam as he did not come to church this week but we are still trying very hard with him.  Hopefully we can see some more progress with him this week, as he said this week he will come to church.  We are still doing so awesome though with our recent converts and less actives and really enjoying success in that department. 

So as far as seeing President Berrett, he came for interviews but i missed him both places haha so i am pretty much the only Missionary in the whole mission who did not get interviewed this time around...Not sure if that is good or bad;) haha just kidding i was a little upset to miss that because interviews with him are awesome.  

Right now though i am frustrated with our Branch presidency.  They don't listen to a word we say and still won't support us about following the english memorandum and stuff.  We finally got them to have a Council meeting yesterday and it went absolutely nowhere, as they are just not supporting or helping us and are upset that we only have 3 "conversions (baptisms) this year" compared to all of last year there was a total of 40, most of which are inactive.  it is pretty frustrating how past missionaries totally distorted their view of missionary work and now it is falling upon us.  However, we are seeing some fruits of our labor in terms of attendance at church.  We have had so much more people at church lately, many of whom are less actives!!! We are really working hard together as a companionship and as branch Elders to progress our branch.  I guess we may not see the immediate outcomes or effects from our efforts, but work might be better and easier for future elders and things might go a long way from what we attempted to do.  Just a little bit of frustrations there but i guess it is all in God's plan and we just have to do our part.  

But this mission is awesome and is really changing who i am and what i want to be and the man i am.  I am really growing closer to God and Christ and becoming so much better of a person.  I am ever grateful to Heavenly Father for allowing me to serve this mission and especially in the most awesome, and coolest mission in the world in the great (and quite peculiar) country of India.

Have a great week!
Love, Elder Ball

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