Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015 - Rajahmundry, Heat Weak

Oh my goodness this week killed was soooooo hot!!!!!!!! In Fahrenheit it was about 115-120 all week long!! The lowest it gets here at this time of year is 85...and this upcoming week is going to be worse.  Highs for this upcoming week: 118, 118, 116, 119, 121.  And it won't get any lower than 91...  So quite honestly i am stressing a bit about the upcoming week and dreading it.  However, about this week...although it was so dang hot, we were pretty hot as a companionship as far as missionary work goes.  We had an awesome week.  We taught a lot of lessons and the fruits of our labors came in sacrament meeting attendance!! We had 17 recent converts and less actives come to church this week and also....Ganesh!!! Our investigator that we have been focusing on for this whole transfer!! It made me so incredibly happy to see him walk through those sacrament hall doors and come up to me and shake my hand.  It was awesome.  Also, another investigator we have named Sujatha came to church also.  She is doing pretty well as an investigator, and hopefully we can progress even some more with her this week.  

The missionary work here is really hard, mostly because of the weather.  That is really what is killing me.  But we are still doing our best to bring others to Christ and are really being blessed.  With the amount of investigators we are having though it would really make me so happy to see one of them baptized.  Elder Thompson and I have really been clicking as a companionship and getting along so well, and we are really working hard. We really are being blessed a lot also.  So this week, we had a couple appointments with Abiram (the 12 year old we are teaching).  So the first meeting this week, we found out he is not reading or praying so we were pretty bold with him, and told him that if he really wants to know that he should read and ask God.  But then he brought up a concern.  That he doesn't know if God is really there to answer his prayers.  So we challenged him to read one verse every day until our next meeting and pray every day about our message, and then tell us what he thinks.  So Saturday, we went back and met with him.  We followed up with our assignment...he read every day and prayed every day and said he felt the holy ghost every time he did so.  So we had invited him to be baptized a few meetings back and he said no because he wasn't ready.  This week we followed up on that invitation also and found out that he is willing and wants to be baptized...only one problem is there.  His parents won't let him be baptized...and he is moving back to his home today.  So we will pass him to the elders in that area, and hopefully they will teach his family and baptize them.  While we were a bit disappointed about this outcome, we realized in the end, that we did our job and did what we were supposed to.  We helped him to feel the convincing power of the holy ghost testify to him that the book of mormon and the church is true.  Now it is the other missionaries' job to finish him off! haha ;) 

We also found out about a new place in our area that we haven't been to yet, so we will try and do some finding there this week and see if we can get some new investigators!!  We are really enjoying together as a companionship and get along awesome.  At least i enjoy Elder Thompson... hopefully he enjoys me also and i am not too much of a "junk fellow":)   

Answers to mom: first of all, yes we did get the package and it is great!! Thanks!! I especially like the shirt;) haha but the water bottles are already coming in handy.  Believe me we jumped right on that:)  The funniest thing we have done is probably just pointing out all the funny things that happen in India.  Elder Thompson got pooped on by a lizard in our apartment this week haha that is pretty funny.  We try and laugh a lot every day so it is pretty hard to pick out one thing.  As far is the weather basically feels like we are swimming through a giant hot tub...and honestly not much of a point in trying to wipe off our sweat, because as soon as we do we are just as wet if not more wet than the second before.  Honestly it sucks.  It is the only thing i will complain about for the next few weeks because it is my biggest struggle right now.  Everything else seems like nothing compared to this weather!! Haha   As far as fun activities, we don't/can't do much here because not much to do and it is too hot to do much sports or anything.  Most spiritual experience was probably seeing the happiness and faith of a member who we gave a blessing to a few weeks ago tell that ever since i gave the blessing she hasn't had that problem at all! It was pretty simple but it is awesome that she had so much faith to be healed of this affliction.  Also probably the happiness i felt about Ganesh coming to church. 

Well hopefully you guys have a great week this week! I will try and stay alive or afloat in this 120 degree 95% humidity weather!! Enjoy the beautiful spring weather!!!
Love, Elder Ball

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