Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21, 2015 - Rajahmundry

Sorry for the day late email again!! Transfers were yesterday so i was waiting for my new companion all day, so we didn't get to email so i am getting it done today!!

So first and most importantly, Elder Chettimalla and I had our baptism this Saturday!!!!!!!!! We were so excited to finish our companionship on a baptism and so we began our first week with a baptism and finished our last week with one also, so we had companionship bookend baptisms!! We were so happy because we had worked so hard and with four people throughout our time together we were one week away and it didn't end up working out.  But finally we saw a nice fruit of our labor.  So Neeraja Bodasingu was baptized.  She was baptized by one of her relatives who is in our branch and in the district presidency.  His name is Venkat Polupalli.  He forgot about the baptism so he didn't show up until 8 in the evening, so we waited for him for an hour but it ended up working out!  So much happiness was there for our companionship and Neeraja was also happy.  She was also confirmed on Sunday, so we got all of that done before Elder Chettimalla left.

So he got transferred to a place in the state of Tamilnadu called Erode.  It is a small place outside of Coimbatore.  He is replacing the Aussie, Elder Basil who is coming to my zone!! I saw him when he came yesterday, and i really missed that guy!! We have become way good friends and we are so pumped to be in the same zone again.  I think i will have to go visit him in Melbourne after my mish sometime and hang with him because he has become one of my best friends.  Anyways so about Elder Chettimalla going to Hyderabad, he can't because he is from there, but also we will make sure those other missionaries take good care of her (Sophia).  
So my new companion arrived at around 6:30 yesterday evening.  His name is Elder Thompson.  He is from Kaysville, Utah and went to the same high school as Jesse Wade!!! He is a way cool guy.  He has been on his mission for 6 months now and spent his first six in Bangalore like i did.  I knew him before i came to Rajahmundry so i was stoked to get him as my companion.  He literally looks almost exactly like me.  Same whiteness, same height, same body build, does his hair the same, is going to Utah State after his mission, etc.  He is awesome and we are excited to work hard together and have tons of fun while we are at it.

About the pics, i just looked in Dropbox and i see them there.  Next week i will try sending more also.  I have some good pics of Indian people and the huts we go to and stuff.  I am seriously so happy and excited right now about these two upcoming transfers.  And then after that i go to the Philippines!! How weird is that!!!?!?!  And yes we skype in like three weeks!! I feel like i just saw you guys on skype though haha but it will be awesome to see you again! And also to see my bro's stache!!:)  Speaking of my bro, make sure to tell him that i love him more than anything in the world and that he is my best friend and eternal mate and that i would not be the man i am today without him.  Seriously though i would probably be a "junk fellow" if i didn't have an amazing brother like him.  God definitely gave him to me to help me be better.  And also give him many many Birthday hugs and kisses!! 

Yes i eat spicy food and i love it.  It is so good!!!! So random thoughts are basically how hot it is, so basically hot showers don't exist for me anymore.  I only take cold showers because hot showers are not needed.  Like if we wanted we could take hot showers and it will last for like an hour, but cold showers are all i take now because it feels better!  I am in love with a Mango drink called Maaza.  I am learning how to make some simple Indian food.  I love my companion.  I love my life and my mission.  The End:)  

Scripture: D&C 84:57-58.  Very straight forward scripture that we should remember.  Love using this one with members.  

Dang OKC missed the playoffs? Only cuz Durant was out.  With him they would be doing awesome.  sounds like Westbrook did awesome but had no help...well maybe someone new will win it this year.  I know what the heck, i thought serving a mission would bless me, but as soon as i leave, Durant can't stay healthy and the Thunder miss the playoffs!!! So sad;) haha.  

Anyways hope you all have a great week!  I know i will and we are still confident with our inspiration to focus on the members and we are really putting that into effect this week!!

Love you all,
Elder Ball

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