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February 15, 2015 - Rajahmundry

Namaste! (Hello!)
Well another week has gone! This week kind of went slow for me honestly though. Still we are struggling to find english speaking investigators.  We are finding part-member families though which is good but they all are only telugu speaking so i am still trying to find out how to be of use in lessons.  Because it is very ineffective to have everything i say translated...This week we are meeting two guys who are referrals from other elders who speak english so that should be good for me haha.  It is just pretty frustrating right now not being able to teach people. 

This week we met Johnson Raj multiple times and we actually committed him to being baptized on March 8.  We also taught his son Suresh with him and committed him to that same date as well! So that should be good.  They are great guys, but we still need to help Johnson Raj overcome his word of wisdom problem and also get them to come to church.  We also taught Joshua and Shirley and their mother the "Do or Die" lesson meaning we taught them the Restoration and that our church has the fullness of the gospel and is the only true church upon the face of the earth with the Priesthood authority and direction from Jesus Christ himself.  So we will just have to let them excercise their agency now.  

As for me, not much went on this week.  All the missionaries in this zone were asked to begin visiting members more now because we all found out that even the active ones know pretty much nothing about the fact our branch has over 500 members on the list, but only like 70 come to church and we found out that it is because many previous missionaries baptized people who didn't know anything, baptized, beggars, baptized non-english speakers, used member translation and so forth.  So we are facing a very big struggle here trying to help our branch but we are going to be focusing a lot on members now.  

So it looks and sounds like you guys had such a great time in Hawaii!! I am glad you were able to have a fun relaxing time and especially grateful that Tyler was good while you were away.  

Answers: the biggest difference is definitely the english.  In rajahmundry there is very little english.  Especially in my area which is the hardest in rajahmundry. Our area has pretty much no english and our area is the farthest away from the church and many people live in cement blocks or huts in my area.  I think that is pretty cool honestly, but i can't do anything really with them because i speak little to no telugu.  I am trying to learn but it is pretty dang hard.  In telugu i can say: hi how are you, i'm fine, what is your name, my name is, where is your house, who, what, where, when, why, tell me.  Some little things.  I can say faith and holy ghost also.  but that is pretty much it...i didn't get the package yet and because i am in rajahmundry it probably won't get here until the beginning of march.  the lungi is getting stitched now so tonight onwards i will be wearing it every night:)  And of course i know Elder Dusara, everyone knows him haha.  he is way cool.  So elder johansson, the rigby elder is standing in the middle back in between an elder wearing a pink tie and elder braganza who is a british indian.  He is a very cool guy.  So franck messaged you?! Awesome! i love franck, he is such a great guy.  Connor going to Germany, not a surprise.  

And about the Cricket world cup, we actually watched a little bit of the game at a members home haha.  They are crazy about cricket here so....haha.  Australia has a way good team.  Their game against England was on at an eating joint we were at on saturday.  MV didn't make it to districts??? bummer....well they should be a good squad next year.  

Well i am glad your week was great!!! have another great week and i will talk you next time!
Elder Ballu

(Mom note...another missionary mom w/ son in Rajahmundry posted this picture on the mission mom's fb page.)

Rajahmundry Zone

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