Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014 - Bangalore

Hello There! Well Christmas week this week was very unorthodox haha.  Pretty much everyone was so busy so we didn't do as much teaching as we would have liked to.  But we still did what we could and apparently were at the top of our zone so that is good.

We taught a 16 year old boy named Navaneet who is from Canada but is Indian.  We taught him and his friend the Restoration and committed Navaneet to be baptized on November 18 so we just have to get him to come to church.  That is the hardest part with everyone...Our church is quite a far distance for people to travel to because is another branch's building that we are meeting in.  Stephen did come to church which was great though and i think he is slowly and surely progressing so i think will focus on him a lot these next two weeks and try to set a baptism date for him.  

We also found more Africans...yes i said it. haha.  They are awesome.  Africans listen to us more than anyone anyways which is a little disappointing but honestly as long as we are bringing people closer to Christ and into his fold, it doesn't matter what kind of people they are.  These four guys are all from Angola so they speak Portuguese and French.  Their names are Mark, Paul, Jose and Antonio.  They are such cool guys and they seemed to have believed us and accepted what we taught about the Restoration.  Once again though, getting them to church will be the most difficult thing to do.  

So one of the best things that happened this week was on Sunday.  I got the privilege of conferring the priesthood upon and ordaining to the office of a priest, John and Simmy.  Our converts received the priesthood!! How cool is that! and that night we visited them and i was just talking to them and asking them how they feel about the church and how they felt getting the priesthood.  They both said they felt so awesome receiving the priesthood and that they are never leaving the church because they just love it so much.  They also asked if they came to the US or to a european country if they could find a church there and i told them it is worldwide and they were so excited to hear that.  John told me his experience about telling his parents about his baptism and he said they were so happy for him and that he found a good church with good people in it.  John just beams when he talks about the church.  John and Simmy wake each other up in the morning to make sure they both get to church! Even though it is so far! They are so awesome and when we saw john he told me he was studying a talk by President Packer called "The Witness." He said he loves it and learns so much.  Man these guys just bring me so much happiness.  I honestly didn't know how attached an elder could get to the people they taught and baptized!!  

So Elder Bandi and i are working really hard but still it is very difficult.  He is way nice and can be really funny sometimes.  He struggles with his teaching skills, but he tries so hard so i can't get upset with him.  I just really have to help him teach and practice and know when and what to say.  Basically i am training an elder who has been out longer than me...I have been doing a little bit better with my patience but it is so dang hard.  One funny thing he did was yesterday. We made rice and chicken curry with Elders Singh and Basil and he wanted curd rice so he got curd and then wanted salt.  So he asked Elder Basil for salt and Elder Basil said he could have some so Elder Bandi looked in the cupboard for like 5 minutes but eventually he takes a packet of washing machine detergent....So he takes it to his plate thinking it is salt and begins to mix it with some of his rice when finally we realize and tell him it is laundry detergent. haha.  But we are working hard and so i just try my best to think of the positives.  

So it was great talking to you guys on Christmas! It was so great to see you!! So glad Tyler still remembers his bro and loves him just as much haha.  honestly i keep having these weird worries and dreams that he won't know who i am and won't remember me when he sees me when i get home...but anyways i am so glad you guys are doing great and had a great holiday season.  To be honest, it did make me a bit homesick but i got over it pretty quick haha.  I did get to play ball today and man i actually killed it today.  I told you guys through skype that i am losing my game but today i was doing so good and shooting the lights out and my game was way good today. What a relief;)  

Well hope you guys have a happy new year, go broncos, go mavs, roll thunder, etc.   Scriptures: D&C 118:3 and 136:11
Love you guys chala much!  Will talk to you next year!!!
Love Elder Baller

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