Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014 - Bangalore

Hello everybody!!!
So this week went by so dang slow!!!!
Elder Bunga left on Wednesday and so i got a new companion.  His name is Elder Bandi and he is like 26 and has been out for 6 months....however, he has some struggles.  He is so nice though and loves to talk, so he helps a lot with door knocking and just talking to random people, but he doesn't know how to teach very well yet.  This week has been a little bit of a rough one mentally.  We did have some success though this week.  But as far as mentally, it is difficult right now because i am trying so hard to improve and keep my patience because he is really trying that patience.  He doesn't know how to do many simple things, but he is 26 and has a degree.  Plus Christmas is honestly a little depressing here because it is nowhere near as festive as the US, and it doesn't feel like christmas at all because it is still hot and there aren't hardly any decorations and we went caroling with the branch this week and they sing horribly haha.  I'm sure after christmas, things will go by a lot faster and better. So I miss Elder Bunga so dang much.  He was awesome. 

So this week we did lots of knocking.  He has been out longer, but i am senior comp so at least i get that opportunity.  But it is kind of rough.  So we did lots of knocking and found and taught 12 new investigators including two families so that was really great!!! So hopefully we can find success together and that will offset the frustration.  But overall, it is really rough right now haha.  Not overly rough but just i think i am going insane!! haha.  He is nice though so it is so hard to get mad at him...but i will talk to you guys more this week!

In answer to questions, no we go to a different building, and it isn't even a church building. it is a rented building that we hold our meetings in. haha That church building is the whitefield road branch building in our district.  I don't know my exact address because the addresses are different. but you can try typing in "purava park apartments, jai bharath nagar, jeevanahalli, bangalore"  (this was in response to our looking on Google maps and seeing an LDS church building in Bangalore near the mission home location)

Dad: What a great SC update!!! Meridian is killing it huh? Axel is tough to handle.  Mountain View doesn't seem to have a take over guy this year, so that will hurt a bit but hopefully they will be okay.  OKC climbing for sure! Kentucky number one? of course they are haha.  Jabari wasn't doing too bad then!! Ron Baker is a stud so he will do well leading that team.  

When Connor gets his call, let me know!! Brian is doing good? That's great!! Yeah keep an eye on my boys!!!
Scriptures: Alma 7:22-24, D&C 98:1-2

Well i love and miss you guys so much!! Have a great Christmas and i will be skyping with you on Thursday!
Love, Elder Ball

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