Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014 - Bangalore

Hello everyone!
Another really good week this week! On Monday, though, we got transfer calls! So Elder Bunga is going to Chennai!! I am staying in the same Branch and will get a new companion on Wednesday named Elder Bundi who is from a place called Vizakapatnam.  I heard he is very nice, funny and a good guy so hopefully all of that is true;) So Elder Bunga and I spent our last week together this week and had a great last p-day together today.  We went with Brother Louis and Cedrick to a place called Nandi Hills which is just like a Bogus Basin like area but in a complete village haha.  It was so fun, and we went for a hike and just went for a nice drive.  It was a great time.  So i will definitely miss Elder Bunga!

So this week we were able to begin teaching Simmy and John the new member lessons and also taught their friend Claud again.  He is doing great accepting things, but we just can't seem to get him to church.  But we did teach Allan again this week and taught him the Plan of Salvation and it was another really good one.  However, once again, it will be tough and might take some time to be able to get him to accept the true gospel.  He is such a nice guy though and we will continue to try and help him out any way we can.  So this week we visited lots of members, and we have been really trying to emphasize/share the He is the Gift initiative so hopefully this gets members excited.  

This weekend we also had a missionary fireside again.  We showed a Plan of Salvation video and also showed Christmas Bible video and the He is the Gift video also.  Then we played games and ate biriyani and we only had 25 members show up, but it was still a pretty fun time for us.

I am still playing in sacrament meeting...haha and yes doing Christmas hymns now.  So no one sleeps under a mosquito net, but i guess if he wants to he can.  It makes me so happy that Tyler likes my pictures!!  And so glad that he is doing well with his behaviors especially because he is getting big!  Oh my goodness those are hilarious! Those things they said are PRICELESS! Especially Kinsley! And Kasen does have a point about Tyler's chair;)

Dad: I bet Meridian is doing well actually because i bet Axel is really tough to stop.  Thunder will start climbing now.  Now that they have MVP back.  Really surprised about Atlanta, Memphis, Denver! Where the heck are the Spurs???????  Who is number one in college bball?  Marks is turning it up huh?? That's great! Thanks for all those positive thoughts Dad.  You are awesome.  Thanks for the scriptures as well! 

Oh and thanks for the package! I am very tempted to open before Christmas but i will hold off and wait;)  So this week wasn't too exciting.  Still trying to look for more people to teach.  We did find a new investigator this week named Mark, so we will meet with him this week and also try and find even more new investigators.  The missionary work is very tough here in our branch, but i and my companion are working hard and doing our best to move the work along.

We have a district christmas party coming up on saturday so that should be fun!  Well i hope you guys have a fantastic week! Sorry for the short letter.  Couldn't find too much to talk about this week because we visited lots of members and focused on them this week.

Scriptures: 1 Nephi 13:37, 1 Nephi 14:7, 1 Nephi 15:23-25
Well i love you all soooooo much and miss you guys too!
Until next week!
Love Elder Ball

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