Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014 - Bangalore

Hi Everybody!
So this week wasn't quite as good as other weeks but it still was a pretty decent week.  Both Elder Bunga and I were feeling a bit sick this week so we didn't end up getting as much done as we wanted to.  But we still did our best.  

So on Wednesday this week, since we both weren't feeling well, Elder Bunga and I gave each other blessings before we left the apartment.  For some reason this week was a hard one on me in terms of homesickness.  I just missed the United States and my home and family a lot this week, but after Elder Bunga's blessing, I was doing a lot better with it.  So Vincent David was progressing pretty dang well lately.  On Wednesday, we decided to give him a blessing so i got the privilege of giving him that blessing.  It was a pretty cool experience.  Hopefully he continues to progress.  He came to church on Sunday again so we are still looking forward to that baptism date.  His wife also came to church.  Kishore however, did not come to church this week so we were pretty upset about that.  But Stephen, one of the Congo brothers did come to church this week so that was good. 
So i had a really good experience with a less active sister named Rushme.  So we went to her house but hadn't planned what to share with her, so Elder Bunga asked me to share something so i just kind of randomly thought to share Joshua 1:9. So after sharing, she just was kind of laughing a bit and i was wondering why.  She then said, "How did you know i was going through things?! How did you know to say these things?! This was exactly what i needed to hear!" It was a really cool experience.  Kishore is really struggling right now though.  He keeps disobeying his mother and going out with friends and stuff and so we are just trying to be there for him and be friends to him and keep helping him progress. 
On Friday, Elder Bunga and I had a really crazy experience that was kind of funny.  So we were standing at an intersection waiting for one of our members when this Indian lady and white British guy walk up to us and the Indian lady tries talking to me like i knew her and telling me how was talked and she asked me a bunch of questions and stuff.  But we have never met her then she points to this British guy and says "this is a missionary pastor.  You guys are missionary pastors too right?" So we shake his hand and he says his name is John, and the handshake was super weird and he had just been staring and glaring at us this whole time.  So we say no we aren't we are just volunteers/missionaries for our church and not pastors.  So this guys says, "what organization are you part of?" Us: "The church of jesus christ of latter day saints." Him: That is just a cult.  Then he started like scolding us and telling us how we aren't of jesus christ and stuff like that.  So he tells us to wait for a minute.  So he starts pulling something out of his shirt pocket and he pulls out a card.  He shows it to us and we try and take it but he holds on to it and points to it and says, "Look at it. Read it. Minister of Jesus Christ." So this was a black business card-like thing and he pointed at it and said "Minister of Jesus Christ" like it was all official.  We just looked at each other and held back laughs and then he just started walking away and telling us how we are just a cult and how we aren't from god and stuff like that.  It was kind of funny. 
So yesterday after church we went to Kumar family house and had really good food and then went on an exchange.  Bunga went with Kesterson and Basil and I were together.  Basil and I taught an African guy named Chris from Tanzania and he plays basketball and we had such an amazing discussion with him.  He was so incredibly interested and understanding and everything.  When we were done, he told us we have to come back and teach him again as soon as possible so we said tuesday.  Then without us bringing up church he told us he wants to come to church so we told him we would arrange him a ride to church.  It was so great.  He was awesome.  We then visited a family called the Bushi family.  They are members.  It was a really good discussion as well.  Then we visited the old lady Kitty.  And she just rambled on and on again.  

Mom: we don't watch general conference until the 11th and 12th.  On the 11th we watch the saturday sessions and priesthood session back to back to back from 2-8.  On sunday morning we will watch the sunday morning sessions.  So most members go to the Hong Kong temple and they have to save up a pretty good amount of money to go. 

Dad: BSU having a tough time huh? bummer.  Giants are improving too...Bledsoe is good so that was a good sign.  The only problem with that is Suns have 3 point guards now...thanks for the sports update:)
Sounds like you guys are doing well.  Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts.  Scriptures of the week: Moroni 7:13 and Moroni 10:32
Well time to go! I miss you all and love you all!
Elder Ball

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