Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23, 2014 - Bangalore

Family and Friends!
So my email is coming one day late this week because there were transfers this week so our p-day is tuesday this week instead of monday.  So we had yet another really good week this week achieving basically all of our goals this week.  Elder Bunga and I are doing well and really improving and continuing to work hard and see the fruits of our labors.

So this week we committed 3 investigators to baptism in October.  One of them being....Vincent David!!!!!!!!!! We were so excited that he committed but we are still vigorously trying to help him keep the word of wisdom because that would be the only thing to keep him from getting baptized.  He has been doing really well with it lately, only drinking once in the last 2 weeks and only smoking regular cigarettes instead of gonja.  We are still working with him on the cigs though but we have faith that we can help him.  We are visiting him every night so that we can help him.  His wife also committed to baptism this week.  She is so awesome and so ready.  We also committed the 16 year boy named Kishore to baptism as well and i think he is really excited so hopefully these commitments end up going through and we have 3+ baptisms in October! We also taught Christian and Stephen the Word of Wisdom, and surprisingly, they took it soooo well and committed to living it and believed in it.  So that was really good.  We also have still been teaching our African investigators in Kothanur.  On Friday we visited a less active sister named sister Chantee and we shared a short message with her and then we gave her sick baby boy a blessing.  And then she came to church so that was really good as well! So not too interesting of a week but I had two really good spiritual experiences that i will share.

So first: So after we commit someone to baptism, they have to come to church three weeks in a row in order to be baptized.  So we were going to go on splits sunday morning and Bunga go pick up Kishore and I go pick up Vincent David.  However, the members doing splits, one didn't show up and the other showed up late to our apartment so we went to get Kishore and he was asleep still so we went to church with no investigators there.  However, i prayed during one of the talks and just plead with God to bring Vincent David to church, and not 5 minutes later, i look over to my left, and there he was sitting in a chair in church.  He came out of nowhere and i didn't even notice he walked in.  So that was a great answer to my prayer and a very quick one.  Then also, on Monday, after a really tough and trying day on Sunday, i was struggling mentally with something and so i fasted that things would just go back to normal and the way they were and prayed many many many times throughout the day just asking for that...and at the end of the day, everything was just so great and back to normal. Heavenly Father really blessed me more than i deserve this weekend.  He is so great.  

Mom: Kayla is so awesome and please tell her how much she means to me and much it means to me that she takes such good care of my brother.  Tell her that i appreciate what she does so so much.  More than i can describe.  I am glad Tyler is doing better.  I miss my best bud so much.  So i am playing the piano every week in sacrament meeting, but only when needed in primary.  So about Elder Bunga: He is from Hyderabad.  He has been a member for 10 years.  He is currently 24 and was baptized when he was 14.  He was a very devout Hindu before.  He has 2 brothers, both members.  They were baptized before he was and were a very good example to him he tells me.  His parents are not members, but i guess might be listening to missionary discussions.  He already has his degree and worked at Amazon before he came.  His personality is a very hard worker, very patient, very good missionary, funny, obedient, caring.  He is awesome.  He is also a pretty dang good cricket player...Love you too Mom!

Dad: Sounds like you will have to get working out again to gain some more strength to handle the big man Ty now!  BYU is still killing it sounds like.  Bledsoe played at Kentucky with John Wall and was a stud for Suns last season.  So i have been able to read Jesus the Christ and I am on Chapter 5 right now.  It is so good and so thick with information.  So great.  You are a great example to me Dad.  I never showed my appreciation enough for you and i really regret that because you are so strong in the gospel and a great father and a great example and friend to me.  Love you Pa.

So my scripture this week is 3 Nephi 9:14.  Well i miss all of you.  But i know the Lord is taking care of all of you for me.  Read the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY.  Please.. It is so good and is so important for us to read and study and ponder every day. Well another good week and hopefully another good week ahead. Love and miss you all.
Elder Ball

(So we were online at the same time last night, so got to "talk" back/forth w/ Ryan by email for a few minutes!  It was awesome!  Here are his emails back.)
--I am on for about another 30 mins or so if you want to chat a little bit mom:)
--I am doing great!! tired and exhausted, but that is just the price of missionary work and salvation i guess:) We are very excited and working so hard.
--We haven't played ball since my second week here...my comp doesn't like bball that much...so i don't ever really ask him to go play.
--I actually had Belgium waffles from a guy from Belgium last week at the mall:)
--I love Vincent David so much.  That guy has so much potential...I am glad Tyler is back to his normal happy perfect self.  Love that guy.  And my dad will do in a pinch...what a softie;) I love you as well mom:) Lots:) You guys are such amazing parents.  I never showed my appreciation enough. And now that i am away from you, i realize i took your amazing parenting for granted sometimes. Thanks for being the best family ever mom, dad, and Ty!
--So yeah we (he/Elder Bunga) are going to be together until november 6 or so. same with my apartment roommates.
--Yeah things are getting a bit better.  Pretty much everything is good to eat here.  I just feel like when i get home in forever, i will want to go eat out at indian food places all the time!

--No seikhs have chewed me out yet.  But i get made fun of and scolded all the time...the only thing is though it doesn't affect me because people always do it in their language so i just smile at them haha. I guess not having the gift of tongues can be a gift as well?;)  Just me being a white christian and stuff and i have been called gay and bad words and stuff haha kind of funny i think!
--They (Vincent David and wife) have a daughter and a son.  hopefully we can commit them too.  They (President/Sister Berrett) are awesome.  Very cool.  They do put Americans together sometimes.
--Yes sure i'll go on a ride with him!;) (w/ Jeff) Well I have to go! I will talk to you guys next week and it was great to talk to you!  Love you guys so much!

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