Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 - Bangalore

Fam-Bam and Homies,

India is so so cool.  I love it so much.  Things are so dang different though oh my goodness.  So everything i heard about high tech it is and everything is a complete lie.  It is insane.  It is very cool though and for the most part people are pretty dang nice.  I still get stared at non-stop which can be very irritating sometimes.  But i just stare at them back and smile at them and they stop. haha.  So I am pretty much fully adjusted now and loving every minute of it, but our area is really struggling right now.  Still no member help.  They just talk a big game on Sunday's and then make excuses later in the week when we ask them to come on exchanges with us.  But i definitely just have to gain more patience.  
So yeah mom, in answer to your questions: the food is soooo good.  It is pretty dang spicy though which can be rough at times but it is so good. Especially Biriyani.  It is a spicy rice with chicken and the other day we ate at some Hyderabadi Biryiani place and it was one of the most delicious things i have ever tasted.  And we ate it off of a leaf...haha i am getting pretty good at eating with my hand though.  Weird.  We do have a western toilet but no TP.  We do have a spray thingy though that is kind of nice;) It has been a lot cooler the last few days and honestly it really doesn't feel that humid.  It might be though, i don't know maybe i am adjusted to it now so i dont notice.  We mostly take buses and do lots of walking. Haven't played cricket again yet but probably will soon.  Funniest thing this week was either on P-day or on Friday.  On P-day, we were trying to take an auto (rikshaw) to the mission home to play ball and he wanted to charge us the meter times two which is ridiculous so we said no.  So he started talking crap about us in Hindi and my comp can speak Hindi so he knew what he said and told him to stop talking crap.  Then he said something about Bunga's mom and so Kesterson went over to him to talk to him and the dude swore at Kesterson in Hindi saying the two worst words possible so Kesterson got mad, and the driver tried to hit Kesterson and me so Kesterson just jumped in the auto and long story short scared him, so he brought him back.  It was funny.  On Friday, we were taking a 5 minute bus ride home and to my left there was a big dude who was like 50 or so staring at me hard.  The entire bus ride his eyes and head did not move.  I tried staring back at him but it was as if he was staring into the windows of my soul.  It was crazy.  
The people speak ok english.  some don't speak it at all which sucks and unlike what people said i will do about picking up languages is so false.  In bangalore they speak tamil, but most people can speak tamil, telugu, hindi, english and other languages so i have no clue.  But for the most part i can understand their english.  So we taught Vincent David again and for a couple days he did well at not taking any Gonja or alcohol but he went straight back to it again.  sad.  Frustrating.  but we aren't giving up on him. We mostly visited less actives this week since we couldn't get any members with us.  but on Sunday, we got a great surprise.  So two weeks ago we met a guy named Yona who is from Sudan and his brother Logo.  We went into their home and asked if we could teach them sometime and they said sure but we hadn't got around to that yet.  So at church yesterday, Yona randomly shows up and now he seems really interested and he loves talking to me.  So we are going to teach him on Saturday and i think he could be a really solid investigator.  We also had to go in early on Friday because they started what they call Ganesha Festival.  Hindu holiday.  Look it up it is kind of weird haha.

I miss you guys a lot too! Hope you guys are doing great! And Dad, Basil doesn't know them.  But he is a super cool guy.  Dad, i love your sports updates.  They are awesome! That is crazy about Love!! the Cavs are going to be so hard to beat man...Boise State lost huh? Bummer, how did they look? not very good? Keep updating me.  I love getting the updates.  You are my weekly SportsCenter:) Well I love you guys!! Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts for me.  I really appreciate them.

Elder Bol (That's how they say it in Indian English)

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