Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 - Bangalore

Well hello everyone! Another week has passed...This week was a little bit different for us as well but not as different as last week haha.  Our good friend did go back to Congo this week so it was a bit sad saying goodbye to him, but hopefully he comes back and eventually i will get to see him sometime again.  
So there are two pieces of big news for me this week.  Yesterday I got the privilege of baptizing Claude! This week we finished teaching him and he had his interview on Friday, and Elder Singh (our District Leader) said that his interview was great and that he gave amazing answers and is ready for baptism.  So on Sunday he was very excited to be baptized and it was another good experience.  Not quite as great as our first ones but still great.  So now that makes 3/3 African baptisms for me haha.  But the other big news will ensure that i won't be baptizing Africans for a while...

So on Monday i did in fact finally get a transfer call, and i am leaving my area after being here for the first six months of my mission.  I am being transferred to Rajamundry which is a village of about 300,000 people and they speak very very very little English, but their language is Telugu which is the one i want to learn so i guess i will learn a lot of it while i am there haha.  My new companion will be Elder Chettimala who is from Hyderabad and is Elder Bunga's batchmate, so i am a little nervous about that but either way i think it should be good and i am going to make the best out it for sure.  Rajamundry is called "the promised land" here because the people are so humble there and love missionaries, and the church is growing so fast there, and the members feed the missionaries like every night.  That is where the baptisms happen, so i guess i am going to a pretty good place so i am pretty excited for that.  

Other than that most of our week was spent visiting members so that i could say goodbye to the ones i got close with.  We also had a really great specialized zone training from President Berrett this week and it was soooo good.  I think our mission definitely has the best mission president in the entire world.  He just has so much knowledge and is such a great teacher, and he is very firm but knows how to speak with people lovingly and motivationally and just so inspiring.  He is super great.  

Anyways yes mom i got your package last week and it is so great! The calendar is really really great and i was wondering about that actually so it was great to get one (the Erickson Family calendar).  Random facts for this week are: on the bus this week i sat by a few kids who freaked out because i was white so they were taking a ton of pictures with me.  They were so amazed at my height and my skin, so they were touching and pulling at my skin and stuff which is apparently what they do all the time in Rajamundry haha.

How cold is it in Idaho now? I bet you probably don't care right now anyway because you are looking forward to going to Hawaii so soon haha:) That should be heaps of fun.  Not as fun as going to March Madness though;)  Scripture: D&C 50
Well my week was pretty good and i am glad that yours was as well.  Next time i email you i will be in a new state and meeting new places and probably sweating like crazy so until then...
Elder Ball

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