Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 - Bangalore

Hello my beloved fam!!!

Well to be quite honest this week was pretty discouraging.  It wasn't a bad week but it was quite discouraging for our companionship and branch.  This week many of our investigators bunked our appointments as well as many other appointments.  We did get to visit many members this week and were fed every day this week which is really unusual for india.  But overall we were just really discouraged about the lack of appointments this week.  We did teach stephen on monday and that went okay but he bunked our other appointments this week and didn't come to church.....and we didn't make much progress with anyone else.  We taught Allan once this week and he still hasn't began reading the book of mormon so this week we said either you will find out for yourself or you wont and the only way to find out is to read the thing that holds it all together.  He did come to church which was really great but we will see if he reads.  We are really hoping and praying that he does because the book of mormon never fails.  We also had a less active named Reshmi come to church this week and she also brought a friend which was so great.  It is also pretty discouraging that we don't have like any good investigators right now.  Vincent David came back so we started teaching him again but he is still the same so are going to just see what happens by laying off of him.  It is beyond our power now.  It is all up to him so we are dropping him probably.  Also this is a really bad time to not have good investigators because last week, two elders from our mission got arrested in Coimbatore so President Berrett shut down door knocking, street contacting, and ITLs for a while so we are really going to have to rely on the members now more than ever which is a bit daunting because they haven't been much of a help...

There was a little light at the end of this weeks tunnel though.  So Claud, a friend that stays with John and Simmy, we have been teaching him for a while and he believes everything we have taught but just hasn't come to church yet....until this week...he came! And when we went and saw him last night, i asked how he liked church and he said he loved it so much!!! Then without even saying anything else to him, he said that probably at the end of this month he wants to be baptized....he said he wants to be a member of the Church of Jesus was so great to hear and really ended the week so well.  We are going to teach him tonight and give the official invite to be baptized so we are praying that everything goes well and that the spirit will touch him and that he will accept our invite.  

I think i agree with that quote mom...a mission is definitely the best two years FOR your life indeed.  This week it was fun to just go and get fed by members because the food is so dang good for one thing, but the other is that we rarely get that opportunity so it was nice.  I am trying to begin learning Telugu.  I have been looking many places for a book that can teach me.  When i find one i am going to buy it.  Plus Elder Bandi is trying to help me a little bit.  And we use regular bread for sacrament haha:)  

Dad you got released!!!!!!???????!???????? NO way!! I bet that is so weird for you now haha.  Probably don't know what to do with yourself on sundays!!! But it sounds like you are getting a great new bishopric and you guys did an awesome job yourselves.  John Reaman is back in the bishopric huh?? Wow that's awesome.  What is your new calling???  

Pretty great SC update this week Pa:)  Oregon will dominate the 'ship.  Mountain view seems like they can beat the lower end teams but just really struggle against the good teams.  Wade scored 46?! Dang!!! Baller.  Well looks like i will playing for a new coach when i play at Utah State when i get home;) haha.  So Seahawks will beat Packers and Patriots will beat Colts.  

I like your scriptures as well dad! great thoughts for me throughout the week.  Well you guys are definitely the best family.  No doubt about it.  
Oh by the way, me and my batch-mate Elder Martinez sang an acapella duet in our sacrament meetings yesterday...we sang "Come Thou Fount" my favorite song, and we did so well!!!!!!!!!!!! I will get a recording this week of us singing it and send it to you.  I haven't been able to send pics lately because my card reader is not working right now i will have to figure something out...but once i do then i will have lots of good pics to send:) 

Well i hope everything goes well for you all this week and thank you so much for your love support and prayers!
Weekly Scripture: Enos 1:1-17,27
Until next week...
Love, Elder Ball

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