Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016 - Bengaluru, Whitefield

Well to be quite honest there isn't much to say this week....only thing to say is this week was a pretty big disappointment and struggle.  It was very hard because Babitha, Sindu and Swathi, and Raj Kumar were all out of town this week! Like the whole week!!! so we didn't get to teach them!! and they are the meat of our investigator pool!! So it was a tough week.  We taught more recent converts and less actives this week, but other than that it was pretty difficult.  We did teach one of our investigators named Helen and she finally came to church, so that was a pleasant outcome of our struggle this week.

We worked really hard this week and had nice plans every day, but they just kept falling through so it was a tad disappointing.  But we are looking to bounce back this week.  Sindu and Swathi are scheduled to be baptized this week but we haven't taught them everything yet, so hopefully we can get that done before their interview.  Will be a tight squeeze, but hopefully we can do it.  They are doing really well, but they were just out of town this entire week.  On Thursday, Elder Thompson and I are going to Rajahmundry to check things out, so we are going to go see some people from our old stomping grounds.  We are pretty excited.

Things are winding down for President Berrett...only one month left for him, so we will be super busy when he leaves helping the new mission president out and travelling with him to meet the mission.  It will be nice because i will only have 1 month with him, but since we will be with him a lot i will be able to get to know him pretty well.  Should be an interesting change.  I sure am going to miss President Berrett though. 

Anyways Elder Thompson and i are still enjoying everything, and we are learning together how to cook some Indian food, and we are having lots of fun and working hard.  Just hopefully we and the Thunder bounce back from a bad week and have a good one this week!:)
Love you guys!!!
Elder Ball

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