Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016 - Bangalore, Whitefield

Hello all! This week was an interesting one.  We had success/not success at the same time.  

As far as the not success, Thanush had to go out of town, so he wasn't able to come to church but he was bummed about that.  But he is still super pumped to get baptized, and so we just extended his date to the 28th.  we also invited his parents for baptism, so maybe his whole family will get baptized together.  That would be better anyway.  

We found 11 new investigators this week....11....which brings me to my next point.  This area has a problem.  But a good problem at that:)  We have too many people to teach.  No joke, every night when we plan, we have no idea how to schedule things around, because there are so many people we have to visit and teach.  So it will be interesting to see how that works out.
One of our super progressing investigators is Preethi.  She came again and is super excited for her baptism on Sunday! And even better, she brought her mom to church.  Yes bavitha finally came to church.  And they brought two of the other girls we are also teaching with them.  It was pretty great.  We also had a new family of 4 that we taught the parents come to church and that was good, as well as another sister who was a former investigator, but got offended a while back and now is coming around again.  We found so many new people to teach and most of them seemed pretty good actually.  February looks to be a busy one which is good but will be difficult to schedule everything.  

Also, another thing....I'm pregnant....So Elder Singh got transferred to Coimbatore.  Which leaves me here...President Berrett called me and asked me to train a brand new Elder that is coming in this week.  There are 4 new ones coming in, and i am going to train one of them in Whitefield.  Quite the shock for me.  And to be honest i totally feel inadequate about training.  I mean a lot of pressure to train in the same ward as the assistants are serving and that President Berrett attends, and given the fact i haven't been in leadership my entire i am a bit nervous about that.  I will get my son (trainee) on Thursday.  I am going to try my best, so just pray for me so that i can be a good trainer and example to this new elder, because trainers are really important as they are the first impression of a mission.  

As far as other things go that is about it.  Some good things going on here in our area and now a new responsibility, so should be interesting.  These last couple of weeks have really been frustrating with my companion.  My last companion Elder Ordejan explained patience as an eraser, every time you use it it gets smaller.  So i guess that has happened during this transfer, which isn't that good on my part.  i guess i still have to increase in i will be working on that. 

Well i love you guys and hope you have a great week!!!
Elder Ball

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